Vit C Extra Bright Booster


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Skin Renewal Booster - Smooth & Glowing

Anti-acne scars and bright skin with Vit C Extra Bright Booster

Lightweight booster. Prepares the skin for deep nourishment, boosting essence skin absorption. With Time-released encapsulated Vitamin C Nano-capsule technology, allowing skin to absorb concentrated vitamin with a long working effect. Better result than ever. Boosts skin renewal for bright and smooth skin. With Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E, boosting collagen level up to 90%. Give balance to the skin – bright, glowing and healthy skin against UV ray and pollution within 9 days.

Anti-Acne scars, Bright & Smooth Skin Ingredients

  • Vitamin C serum in Nano-capsuleBrings Vitamin C essence to deep skin, boosting collagen production and minimizing production of melanin.
  • Water Cress– Detoxes and boosts the skin from everyday pollution and PM2.5 for stronger and healthier skin.
  • Hoya flower – Balances the skin condition, making the skin bright and refreshing.
  • Sugar Marine – Brings brightness and protects the skin from dark spots by preventing melanin from surging to upper skin. Clearly diminishing dark spots.
  • Red Algae Extract– Adds softness and moisture to the skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid– Boosts the collagen production. Hydrates the skin.
  • Seven Herbs– Reduce skin irritation and redness.
  • Vitamin E– Protects the skin from oxidants.

Main Extract W/V

“Time-released encapsulated Vitamin C” Vitamin C Nano-capsule technology (Activespheres Vit C PMg 2.5%) and EPS White 1%

Lab Test

Clinical Test – Activespheres Vit C PMg 2.5% / EPS White 1%


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